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Premiere Trademark Name Registration Services in Dubai, UAE

A trademark is an identifier. It serves as a representation of your company, your name, your brand. As such, it is vital to secure a formal registration of your trademark or trade name, whether you have established base in Dubai or anywhere around the UAE. At Howarth Mak we understand that it can be an extensive and long-winded process. We are here to provide you with a complete range of solutions to assist you from the beginning until the end of the process, by combining industry experience and technical expertise.

Achieving corporate goals & objectives through trademark in Dubai and the UAE

As you register your trade name, you create a platform for building awareness and brand visibility in your target market. Additionally, it grants a range of benefits including the following:

1. It serves as a distinguishable feature that sets your business apart from your competitors, which is particularly important in order to corner your target niche in the market.

2. Upon registration of your trademark, your company gains exclusive rights to it. This serves as an effective deterrent for other businesses that will try to imitate or copy the products or services offered by your company. It protects the identity of your brand on a legal basis.

3. Trademarks can increase in value over time. As your business continues to succeed, it grows its reputation in the marketplace, which translates to increased ‘brand equity.’ Following this, a trademark can transform into a valuable asset that can be assigned with monetary value, meaning it can be sold, licensed to others, and even used as security in the application of a bank loan.

With these in mind, it becomes more evident as to why it is vital for your company to have a registered trademark. If your company is based in Dubai, the UAE or elsewhere throughout the world looking to form a company offshore, the team at Howarth Mak is here to help.

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