Steps of LLC Formation in UAE:

Forming an LLC Company in UAE

The most common type of company forming in the UAE is the Limited Liability Company (LLC). This company type requires a business to have 2 – 50 shareholders that are in place to run a business. Of this business, up to 49% of the equity may be foreign with the remainder based in UAE.

An application process is required to obtain an approval through the UAE government. Once you send in your application, the government legal department will review the information and determine the authenticity of the application. If anything does not meet the requirements of the government entities involved, the application will be rejected. When this happens, you’ll need to go through the application process again. This costs you time and money.

Upon successful completion of this process, you’ll receive clearance to include your company name in the Memorandum of Association Commercial LLC business register. You’ll then be legally allowed to handle advertising, technical services, contracting, and similar business activities in Dubai.

Benefits to a LLC Company here in Dubai

Here in Dubai, you’ll have quite a few advantages that are associated with the LLC company. They include the following:

  • No capital requirement for your business to meet
  • Only the share capital is responsible for your business and there are no personal assets that are at risk if something occurs in your business.
  • You are awarded a visa as an investor of the business so you can freely travel for business in Dubai and the rest of UAE.
Just note that as with any business venture in Dubai, you’ll need to maintain some legal requirements. This includes verifying your identity and proof of the business formation. All of this can be handled with a professional partner like Horwath Mak Business Consulting. Our team of professionals can help you to review the application you have in place and ensure that you are set when forming your new business.

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